Jonathan Van Ness looks unrecognizable after an at-home makeover

Jonathan Van Ness, the reigning king of the makeover, has taken advantage of his own talents by giving himself a new look.

The “Queer Eye” grooming guru is known for his long hair and thick beard, but he shocked his followers Saturday by posting an Instagram photo sans-mustache.

“This is officer Van Ness. Don’t try new lewks during quarantine ,” he wrote in the caption. “I’m shaving this chin thing off now just was aghast at how I look.”

Before moving on from the unusual goatee, he posted another photo on his Instagram story with his long hair down.

Credit: Instagram

Not long after, he moved on from experimenting with his facial hair and posted another photo bare-faced.

Credit: Instagram

If one of the most famous stylists in the world can’t give himself an at-home makeover without becoming “aghast,” perhaps the rest of us should step away from the scissors and hair dye, too.

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