Trevor Noah scolds young people, calls coronavirus ‘the Harvey Weinstein of diseases’

Trevor Noah is still making “The Daily Show” from home amid the coronavirus crisis, and he is not turning down the humor just because he’s telling jokes alone on his couch.

The host covered a lot of ground during Thursday’s episode, including Trump’s made-up coronavirus cure and the young spring-breakers who are refusing to take the pandemic seriously, forcing the governor of Florida to shut down the state’s beaches.

Noah made fun of one specific young man who was quoted on the news as saying, “If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.”

“You’re not gonna let Coronavirus stop — ? You don’t need to ‘let it,’ okay? Coronavirus is the Harvey Weinstein of diseases. It does not ask for consent, my friend,” Noah said.

“Kids making it sound like coronavirus is going to ask for permission before jumping into your body,” he continued, doing an impression of the virus as a polite British man who sounds like he’s wearing a top hat. “Excuse me, sir, my name is Corona. Would you mind if I compromised your immune system?”

Then Noah got serious for a moment.

“Here’s the thing young people need to understand. Yes, coronavirus is most dangerous for old people. But that doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous for young people too. It can still get our ass into intensive care.”