Gigi Hadid’s unusual snack has the internet divided

Gigi Hadid is one of the popular models in the world, known for her trendsetting style, ultra-famous pals and iconic clap backs.

But did you know she has some very controversial opinions about food?

For the latest Harper’s Bazaar cover story, the superstar fielded a number of questions from her famous friends, such as Taylor Swift, Serena Williams and Kendall Jenner.

Hadid spoke about a range of topics — from what inspired her to make her own chairs by hand (a question from Blake Lively) to the best hamburger she’s eaten recently (as Jimmy Fallon inquired.)

The comment that got the internet talking came as a response to a prompt from “Queer Eye” food guru Antoni Porowski: “Please explain how/when you discovered french fries with mashed potatoes as a thing to eat.”

“It was probably after a few passion fruit martinis at Le Chalet at L’Avenue at Saks, which makes my favorite mashed potatoes on the planet,” Hadid said in the interview. “We must have run out of ketchup, so I dipped the fries in the mashed potatoes — and eureka!”

Twitter users had mixed reactions to the revelation of the model’s snack of choice.

Some people were skeptical about the amount of starch involved.

“Technically it’s potato on potato but that’s still kinda weird,” Twitter user bigrog6395 said.

Others were quick to defend how reasonable it is.

“Y’all never been to KFC??” Twitter user gl0bs wrote.

The most important rule of food criticism is not to knock it until you try it, so the only thing left to do is order all the potato-based sides the next time you stop by Le Chalet at L’Avenue at Saks. It’s what Gigi Hadid would do.

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