‘Love Is Blind’ stars reveal they’ve secretly known each other for 10 years

Love Is Blind contestants came on the show hoping to find love in the pods. But apparently they could also have found longtime friends! Turns out, stars Kelly Chase and Jessica Batten, who both appeared as central cast members on the Netflix dating show, secretly knew each other for 10 years.

Their friendship was never addressed on the show, though the pair were seen talking to one another about their respective fiances on several occasions.

But in a recent Instagram fan Q&A, both Jessica and Kelly confirmed that they were longtime pals before the show.

When someone asked Jessica on Instagram if she knew Kelly before the show, Jessica replied, "I've known Kel for 10 years!" along with a throwback photo of the pair in swimsuits and Jessica rocking brunette hair.

When a fan asked Kelly, "How do you and Jessica know each other?" she replied in a video, "Jessica and I actually met 10 or 11 years ago from an ex-boyfriend's same social circle."

It's unclear why the show chose to ignore this detail or how the mutual friends were cast for the show. But on Tuesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, several of Kelly and Jessica's co-stars revealed how they were cast for the popular Netflix series.

"For me it was very cosmic. I was at a bar with a group of girlfriends and I was telling them how there are no men for me in the city and at that moment I got a DM on Instagram and it was this person telling me, 'Hey, you could fall in love and potentially get married,'" Giannina Gibelli says.

Her fiance-turned-boyfriend Damian Powers adds, "They actually found me on Tinder. I started chatting with this girl, we hit it off, she's like, 'Add me on Instagram.' We had a pretty good connection, and she's like, 'I'm a casting producer.'"

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