Prince Andrew reportedly let women sit on Buckingham Palace throne

Prince Andrew reportedly let women sit on Buckingham Palace throne

Prince Andrew had a “signature move” when it came to pursuing women, The Daily Beast reported on Monday.

According to two anonymous sources, the Duke of York let women sit on the thrones in the Throne Room in Buckingham Palace, including the one reserved for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

He also let at least one woman wave from the balcony at the palace (something the royal family occasionally does during special events, like Trooping the Color).

A source told The Daily Beast about her encounter with Andrew at the palace and a subsequent tour of the area.

“It was clear immediately that I had been brought to the dinner as a sex object. Andrew sat next to me on the sofa and kept reaching over to hold my hand,” the source said.

“I said as a joke, ‘I’d love to go on a tour of this place’ and next thing I knew, I was walking hand in hand with Prince Andrew through Buckingham Palace. As a joke, he took me out on the balcony and I waved to the non-existent crowd.”

A separate source, said to be a palace insider, told the outlet that “Everyone thinks they are the only person to get to sit on the throne. He does it to everyone he is trying to pull.”

An unnamed source who claims to be a friend of model and reality TV star Caprice Bourret previously told British tabloid The Sun that Andrew pulled the same moves with Bourret.

“He took her to Buckingham Palace twice, and on one occasion she sat on the Queen’s throne,” the anonymous source said, adding that Bourret reportedly “spotted a bowl she liked and asked Andrew if she could steal it and post it to her mum. She claims that he let her, and her mum loved it!”

Buckingham Palace and a rep for Bourret have not responded to HuffPost’s requests for comment.

Andrew announced in November 2019 that he was stepping back from royal duties “for the foreseeable future” following a disastrous BBC interview regarding his friendship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

A woman Epstein allegedly trafficked as a minor has accused Andrew of raping her, though he has repeatedly denied all allegations.

Despite his withdrawal from public life, the prince has been seen horseback riding and attending church with the queen. He also recently met with China’s ambassador to the U.K., Liu Xiaoming, to deliver a message on behalf of the queen. The visit was private and was not an official royal engagement.

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