North West gives impromptu performance at Yeezy show

Kanye West’s daughter North West may well be on her way to following her father’s footsteps.

The 6-year-old gave an impromptu performance during the rollout of the rapper’s “Yeezy 8” line outside the Espace Oscar Niemeyer in Paris on Monday. The Paris Fashion Week show — and mini-concert — was streamed live on Yeezy’s website and lasted just over six minutes.

As models walked down a makeshift runway in monochromatic clothing, the rapper’s little girl sang along to a remixed version of a song that YouTube star ZaZa came up with in a studio in 2019.

“I will never do bad things / Walk to the street / What are those / I have new shoes, they’re really cute,” North raps in the video.

Though it was a heartwarming moment for Kanye (who proudly stood by his daughter toward the end of the show), it also drew some criticism from ZaZa’s parents on Instagram. The YouTube star’s parents accused the rapper of not giving their daughter credit where it was due.

“In July of 2019, ZaZa & her dad went into the studio for the ultimate experience!” they wrote, while sharing a video of ZaZa performing the original song. “To finally begin making the music she wanted to make. We take PRIDE in creativity, and believe whether a child’s involved or an adult… creativity deserves RESPECT/homage! What @kimkardashian (Kanye west) are doing with their daughter… with the inspiration of ZaZa & our family in mind is okay… we not mad BUT .. PLS SHOW LOVE AND SUPPORT TO THE ORIGINAL FIRST!!”

“We admire Kanye west, and adore his journey,” they continued. “However, we don’t wanna feel like our daughter’s journey in the world of entertainment is being STIFLED.”

In response to the backlash, North’s mother and reality TV star Kim Kardashian apologized while expressing her appreciation for ZaZa.

“We love you,” she replied. “North is a huge fan and records in the studio all the time with her dad and is inspired by ZaZa and loves [fellow YouTube star] Lay Lay too! Todays performance of North’s remix of ZaZa’s song was something she asked to do at the last minute and a complete surprise. I didn’t mean to not give credit where credit was due. Would love for the girls to meet soon.”

Fortunately, ZaZa’s parents took the whole thing in stride.

“It’s always always love!” they wrote in return. “Would enjoy getting the girls together. Let’s make it happen ASAP!”

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