Mark Wahlberg says he and Dr. Oz settled fitness feud with a workout: ‘I squashed him like a grape’

Mark Wahlberg is clearing the air around his fitness feud with Dr. Oz, sharing that they finally set the record straight with a workout.

The two have been feuding from afar since early January after the talk show host (whose full name is Mehmet Oz) shared his thoughts on breakfast, saying that it isn’t an essential meal and explained his approach to intermittent fasting. Wahlberg, who is a big proponent of getting a meal in both before and after his early morning workouts, disagreed with Oz’s perspective when asked about it by TMZ. And thus, a heated back-and-forth via social media began.

Mark Wahlberg addresses his fitness feud with Dr. Oz. (Photo: Getty Images)
Mark Wahlberg addresses his fitness feud with Dr. Oz. (Photo: Getty Images)

The men challenged each other to a workout to see if they could keep up with one another despite their different viewpoints. Finally, Wahlberg shared that he and Oz met face-to-face to do just that.

“I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into, but he was a trooper,” Wahlberg told TODAY’s Harry Smith about working out with Oz. “I squashed him like a grape. That poor thing, he didn’t know what was happening.”

Wahlberg, an investor in the F45 exercise franchise, went on to say that Oz sent him a message the day after their workout to express how sore he was. “He said he’s sore in muscles that he didn’t know he had. He didn’t know the name of those muscles, he had to look them up.”

Still, the doctor thanked Wahlberg for allowing him to “play” in the actor’s sandbox. Wahlberg returned the gratitude, telling Smith that he appreciates Oz’s work.

“He was a great sport and I love what he’s doing,” Wahlberg said. “He’s dedicated his life to getting people to be healthier, which makes people happier.”

Overall, Wahlberg admitted that his approach to fitness has a lot to do with his work and even the particular roles that he’s going for at any given time. “Whatever I have to do for the part that I’m training for is what I do. So if that’s putting on weight or losing weight, I’ve been on liquid diets, I’ve been 212 pounds to 137 pounds, so whatever I have to do, I do,” he said. “If I wasn’t working or preparing for a role, I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t eat or intermittent fast for 12 hours, it’s not necessarily my thing. But I understand how it works.”

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