Chrissy Teigen reacts to Bravo hot topics: Which Bravo star is she 'scared' of?

If any star is truly “just like us,” it’s Chrissy Teigen.

There are infinite examples of the ever-relatable celebrity keeping it extremely real with her millions of followers on social media, but perhaps what makes her most relatable to us is the fact that she’s famously also obsessed with Bravo.

It seems as though there isn’t a show on the cable channel that she doesn’t watch, often airing out her thoughts on the latest Bravo show happenings on Twitter. Her obsession is so widely known that she even recently appeared in a Hulu ad alongside a bunch of Bravolebrities.

And, while Bravo king Andy Cohen usually asks for her Bravo-pinions whenever she appears on his late-night show, “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” Teigen hasn’t been on the show since last summer, so when In The Know’s Gibson Johns interviewed the cookbook author for her “Share the Love” partnership with Pampers, he couldn’t resist asking her some Bravo questions.

Keep reading for Chrissy Teigen’s thoughts on Vicki Gulvanson and Tamra Judge leaving “RHOC,” being “scared” of perennial “RHONJ” villain Danielle Staub, Kate Chastain exiting “Below Deck” and deciding who her favorite current Real Housewife is:

On Kate Chastain leaving “Below Deck”: I just finished the reunion. I could tell she was definitely over it when she started flipping off the camera people. [Laughs] It was like, “Okay, she definitely hates being here.” I feel like she was definitely done with it. I don’t know who Chief Stew is going to be. Are they going to bring back Adrienne? It’s going to be a weird world without Kate, because she was such a big part of it. I’m more amazed that … I didn’t know there was such thing as a “sailing yacht.” I thought sail boats were just like … you sailed. I didn’t know they had so much stuff going on. [Laughs]

On Margaret Josephs’ fight with Danielle Staub on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”: I mean, Danielle? I’m too scared to even talk about her. She is so scary! Honestly, Danielle is so scary.

On Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge leaving “The Real Housewives of Orange County”: Vicki and Tamra are going to be missed. My first interview, when I thought I could do this [interview people], which I could not — truly I thought I could do red carpets and interview people, but no, because I don’t listen enough. They sent me to Orange County to Coto [de Caza] to interview all of those women, and I’ve never been more intimidated in my life. I hope it never sees the light of day. I would love to see it, though. We were all toasting with the orange thing. Anyway, it’s probably about time [for Vicki and Tamra to leave], though. So many people say I remind them of Kelly [Dodd]. She’s so funny.

On whether or not she’s excited for “The Real Housewives of New York City” to return, even without Bethenny Frankel: Yes, I am. I’m going to miss Bethenny, though, for sure. Tinsley [Mortimer]’s still there and engaged. I still do love “New York” so much.

On who her favorite current Real Housewife is: That’s so hard. “Favorite” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best person. I love watching “Beverly Hills,” though. I really do. I love watching Kyle [Richards] and [Lisa] Rinna is so funny. There are just some staples that you need on your television. I have a feeling that if I ever did it, people would complain that I’m too boring. These people are crazy! [Laughs] Whenever I see them out, I genuinely thank them, because they know that they’re going to get so much sh*t from people, and they know that they have to keep it up. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

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