Shaq takes on the Gen-Z Pop Quiz


"I already know all the answers, because I'm hip to what's going on!"

Or so Shaq thought before taking In The Know's Gen-Z Pop Quiz during a recent visit to our office while promoting his role as Krispy Kreme's "Resolution Coach" for 2020 upon the release of the brand's new Krispy Kreme Minis.

We asked the NBA legend to take a shot at defining some of Gen-Z's most used internet and slang terms like drip, I'm baby, flex, and I oop, tuh, ligma, SKSKSK, stan and vibe check.

While O'Neal thought that the fact that he has five children would've helped his chances at knowing some of the words and phrases we threw at him, he was only able to successfully define a few of them.

Watch Shaquille O'Neal take on In The Know's Gen-Z Pop Quiz at the top of the page, and get more from our interview with Shaq here.