Internet goes wild over photo of ‘real-life’ Lady & the Tramp: ‘Make them some spaghetti!’


All they need is a plate of spaghetti.

A Reddit user is going viral after sharing an uncanny photo of the “real-life” Lady and the Tramp, proving that even 60 years after the original film, the iconic canine couple is still together.

The post, a reshare of a 2019 photo by user DaddyLexi_, appeared in the r/aww forum, which is typically home to adorable and pet-focused content.

“They (look) like Lady and Tramp,” user uioo50, who shared the most recent photo, wrote.

The image itself, juxtaposed with the characters from the 1955 Disney classic, is uncanny. The “real versions” are even standing next to one another in the same order as their iconic pasta-eating scene.

Reddit users were enamored with the image, with many sharing their enthusiasm over the lookalike pair.

“Make them some spaghetti! They are adorable,” one wrote.

“It is them. The prophecy is true,” another wrote.

Other users joked that the two pups looked like “old married versions” of the characters, while some suggested they should have been used in Disney’s 2019 live-action remake of the film. A few users, meanwhile, even asked how they could find and adopt the dogs.

“I will adopt both these dogs. Where is this?” one user wrote.

It’s unclear when and where the original photo was taken, but the timing of the viral post couldn’t be more fitting. From “Lady and the Tramp” and “Lion King” in 2019 “Mulan” this year, numerous classic Disney films have been getting live-action remakes.

Even “Bambi” will be getting a new film, according to a January 2020 announcement — meaning social media users should be on the lookout for “real-life” versions of the famous deer next.