Valerie Bertinelli had best response to body-shamer who called her 'chubby'

Valerie Bertinelli showed a person making a crude comment about her weight why one of her personal mottos is "choose happy."

The actress and cooking show host had a great response when a Twitter troll responded to a Food Network tweet about an upcoming show featuring Bertinelli by writing, "Awwww, so chubby."

"Wow. Someone is always there to remind me to tidy up my negative thoughts some more,'' she tweeted. "Thank you for reminding me I'm so much more than my body. Have a blessed day."

Pop star and talk show host Kelly Clarkson, who has had her own online encounters with body-shamers, then echoed Bertinelli's sentiments with her own dose of positivity.

"True power is recognizing the projection of others negativity & punching it square n the face w/all the positive, remarkable, intelligent, beautiful light that seeps from ur pores,'' Clarkson wrote while quoting Bertinelli's tweet. "Pity people that speak ill of others because while some of us r dancing, the others r too afraid."

Bertinelli, 59, has opened up to TODAY about struggles with her weight and her plans to get healthier in 2020, and she wasn't going to let the negative comment dull her sunny outlook.

She wrote in a first-person essay for TODAY that one of her personal mottos is "choose happy," but it's been challenging to make that choice in recent years as she endured the deaths of her parents and "used food as a way not to feel the sadness or the stress."

As Bertinelli approaches her 60th birthday, she is reminded that being healthy applies to her mind as much as her body.

"To me, I think that joy is tied to making healthy choices with my life in everything I do,'' she wrote. "Healthy in the people I surround myself with, the food I eat and, perhaps most importantly, the way I talk to myself."

Her positive outlook also appears to be rubbing off on others who saw her response to the negative Twitter comment.

"I enjoy your food shows, your cookbooks, your politics, your sports and humor,'' one person wrote. "Ignore unpleasant people. You make the world smile."

"And look how nice you are to cross out their name so they don't get pummeled, which they would have deserved (because you did not),'' another wrote. "Stay classy Valerie!! Positivity is contagious and we need it right now."