'This Is Us' fans are furious over their new most-hated character


Move aside Miguel and killer Crock-Pot, because the new most-hated character of all time on This Is Us is officially teenage-Kate's terrible boyfriend, Marc.

Kate's emotionally abusive relationship with Marc, whom she met working at the record store, came to a head during Tuesday night's episode, when Marc and Kate went to the Pearson family cabin for a weekend vacation.

After getting into a fight over the fact that Marc dropped and broke Jack Pearson's "World's Greatest Dad" mug (likely intentionally), Kate went outside to collect some firewood, but not before Marc fat-shamed her. However, when she tried to reenter the cabin, she discovered that Marc had taken it one step further and locked her out in the cold snowy storm.

The following morning, Rebecca, Kevin and Randall showed up at the cabin to check in on Kate and eventually learned what Marc had done.

Kevin and Randall, of course, wanted to take Marc outside. Meanwhile, viewers took to Twitter Tuesday expressing their hatred for Marc, and even wished death upon his character.

However, this isn't Game of Thrones, so Marc lived and got to just pack up his things and leave. But not before he had his ass handed to him by the Pearson family matriarch.

"You," Rebecca said to Marc. "Get the hell out of my house. Today is the last day you're ever going to see my daughter, Marc. You have two minutes. Get your stuff and get out of here."

And This Is Us fans obviously thought Rebecca's moment was extremely gratifying.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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