Carrie Underwood's son thinks she's 70 and that her job is to 'wash the laundry'

Carrie Underwood took to social media Thursday to share what her 4-year-old son, Isaiah Fisher, thinks of her, and the end result is hilarious.

The 36-year-old country star shared her son's "All About My Mom" worksheet from school. "Soooo...apparently I'm 70 and I'm really good at doing the laundry," she captioned the pic.

Other qualities Isaiah shared about his mom: She is really good at folding laundry, and if he could buy her one thing it would be a cake.

"So sweet," wrote one fan. "To the rest of the world, you're global country superstar Carrie Underwood. To Isaiah, you're the bedtime storyteller and the one who keeps him in clean clothes. This is precious because he sees you for you."

Another added, "You look really good for 70. Can I have ur secrets."

Even though Isaiah, whose dad is retired NHL star Mike Fisher, seems convinced his mom's job is to do laundry, he's definitely been exposed to her actual occupation before.

Last year, Underwood — whose younger son, Jacob, turned 1 in January — shared how much she enjoyed having her family tag along while she was on her "Cry Pretty Tour 360."

The mother of two wrote at the time, "One of my favorite things about the #CryPrettyTour360 is having my family out on the road with me. I just hope I'm making my boys proud of their mama. #blessed #boymom."

Over the course of that tour, she shared plenty of adorable behind-the-scenes shots of her family. In June 2019, she even got some help at sound check from Isaiah.

"Had some extra special help with sound check today, so tonight's show is bound to sound amazing!!!" she wrote alongside a fun photo of her newest roadie.