Robert Irwin recreates dad's famous koala photo: 'You have never looked more like your father'

Robert Irwin has long been aware of his uncanny resemblance to his dad, but the teen’s latest photo might be the most striking comparison yet.

The image, which the 16-year-old shared to Instagram on Feb. 11, recreates an iconic shot of his late father smiling while cradling a koala. Australia Zoo reposted the photo last month, thanking the Irwins for their contributions to its wildlife hospital.

“Thanks to your generous support, we are able to continue Steve’s dream giving wildlife a second chance at life,” the post read.

Robert’s Instagram post appears to be a clear reference to that moment. In sharing his own photo, the teenager quickly earned countless comments from followers who were shocked by the comparison.

“Did anyone else think this was Steve at first?” one user commented.

“You have never looked more like your father than you do in this picture,” another added. “And your smile radiates that.”

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It’s not the first time Robert, an animal conservation celebrity in his own right, has directly referenced Steve’s legacy. Last year, he shared a stunning recreation of another famous photo, that time involving an alligator.

“Dad and me feeding Murray… same place, same croc – two photos 15 years apart,” Robert’s caption read.

Steve Irwin, who died in 2006, left behind a legacy of wildlife activism that both of his children have continued to support — in addition to his television appearances, Robert also works as a nature photographer.

Meanwhile, Robert’s sister, 21-year-old Bindi, has starred in several animal-centric television programs.