'Insecure' star Yvonne Orji hilariously explains why living with regret is like dealing with an STD

Feelings of regret can be just as unpleasant as a visit to the gyno.

That's the crux of the hilarious but meaningful message Yvonne Orji delivered Tuesday at the 2020 MAKERS Conference, where the "Insecure" star explained why she finds regret so comparable to one of the world's most common medical conditions.

"Regret is herpes. Imma let that sink in for a little bit," Orji told the crowd. "Regret, it stays with you forever. You can suppress it at some points, but eventually you're gonna get that flare-up."

The actress was quick to note that herpes is by no means a rare condition: "One in two people have herpes," she pointed out, before quipping, "This is not the time to look to your neighbor. Let's focus."

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During her talk, Orji also touched on the pressure she faced from her Nigerian family to pursue a more traditionally respected career path, like becoming a doctor or lawyer. After some less encouraging moments in her early comedy career, she readily admitted she considered walking away.

"I can be a miserable doctor," Orji said she thought to herself, then adding to much laughter, "'Doctor Orji.' There are worse names in the world."

Despite the persistent fear of failure, Orji refused to allow herself to wonder "What if?" Her prayers and determination led her to continue barreling forward, ultimately landing her breakout role alongside Rae.

"The worst part of regret is you can't be mad at anybody but yourself," she said. "Who you gonna yell at?"

The fourth season of "Insecure" premieres on HBO on April 12.