Watch Al Roker debunk viral 'broom challenge' sweeping the internet

Al Roker is cleaning up all the hype surrounding the "broom challenge."

The trend is pretty simple: People get their brooms to stand up on their own and then share photos and videos of the seemingly impossible accomplishment.

After a viral Twitter video erroneously claimed that NASA said Feb. 10 was the only day of the year one could pull off the feat due to a "gravitational pull," Al called out the challenge on-air Tuesday.

"It's not about yesterday," Al told the TODAY team after he made a broom balance by itself. "You can do this any day. Basically, you use the short bristles to act like a tripod. Anybody can do it."

"This whole #broomchallange is a #hoax. @NASA did not tweet out that brooms would balance yesterday. You can do it any day if you have these bristle brooms," Al also tweeted.

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Indeed, there's no evidence that NASA has made such a claim about the household item, but people still decided to try their hands at the challenge anyway.

"I didn't know we could do this with our brooms," one person wrote.

"Probably more about the low center of gravity than a planetary alignment, but I had to try it anyway. LOL," someone else wrote.

"Can't decide which one to take," wrote another person alongside a photo of multiple brooms in the aisle of a store.

Even celebrities took part.

"Pajama broom challenge What are you doing on a Monday Night?!" Paula Abdul captioned a video of her dancing around her upright broom.