Spike Lee honors Kobe Bryant with a custom suit for Oscars 2020

Spike Lee honors Kobe Bryant with a custom suit for Oscars 2020

Spike Lee is “presenting and representing” at Sunday night’s Oscars as he stepped out on the red carpet in a custom Gucci suit in honor of the late Kobe Bryant.

The award-winning director was praised after arriving at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles wearing a standout purple suit. But the most prominent details were the gold lining of his jacket and the number 24 decorating his lapels and back as a nod to Bryant’s number on the court.

“Tribute. Honor. Homage,” were the words that Lee used to describe the message behind the Bryant-inspired look to ABC's George Pennacchio. “We all miss him.”

Lee finished the ensemble with a pair of Nike Kobe 9 Elite sneakers, also in honor of his friend. The pair developed a relationship with while working on a 2009 documentary Kobe Doin’ Work. And although the filmmaker admitted to missing Bryant’s 2018 Oscar win, Lee was excited to “represent” him just two weeks after the basketball player’s tragic death.

“We gotta love each other,” Lee added during a red carpet interview with Billy Porter. “For Vanessa, the family. Peace and love.”

It isn’t the first time that Lee has used his red carpet look to honor a late friend of his. Just last year, he wore a purple suit to pay tribute to Prince.

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