Video reveals name Stormi calls Kylie Jenner — and it's not 'mommy'


Mom, is that you?

A video Kylie Jenner recently shared on her Instagram story shows her daughter, Stormi Webster, refusing to call her "mommy" and, instead, referring to the socialite by her first name, much to her mom's discontent.

"Hi Kylie!" the toddler excitedly says as her mother films.

"That's not my name, my name's mommy!" Kylie tells Stormi, to which the child says, even louder, "Hi Kylie!"

"Noooooooo!" Kylie says with exasperation, as Stormi continues repeating the phrase over and over.

Stormi, whose father is rapper Travis Scott, celebrated her second birthday in absolute Kardashian/Jenner style on Feb. 1 at the extravagant StormiWorld 2, the sequel to her first birthday party, named StormiWorld after Scott's No. 1 album "Astroworld."

The party featured displays most children could never even imagine, ranging from a massive light-up ball pit (in the shape of an 'S,' of course) and personalized balloons, to carnival rides and even a crane game, where players could try to win pillows featuring the 2-year-old's face.

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Although Jenner and Scott broke up in late 2019, images of the two beaming together while celebrating their daughter's birthday sparked rumors that they were getting back together.

A source close to the famous couple told E! News that while the pair is not officially dating, they have become "pros at co-parenting Stormi" and are "on amazing terms," adding that, "it's inevitable they will get back together."

"Organizing Stormi's birthday party and her day-to-day life has brought Travis and Kylie closer than ever," they told the outlet. "They have not had a deep discussion about getting back together and are very happy at the stage they are at right now. It has been brought up many times but they are going with the flow."

"They both truly still care about each other and there are strong feelings there," the source added. "Everyone around them sees the love they share and thinks they should just give it another chance."

Last month, Jenner revealed in a YouTube video she filmed with sister Kim Kardashian that she someday hopes to grow her brood by three.

"I see myself for sure having four kids, I just don’t know when," she said. "I don’t have a timeline to this, and I don’t know if I’m gonna have four kids tomorrow or have four kids in, like seven years."