Shawn Johnson shuts down mom-shamers over video of 3-month-old daughter: 'Stop picking on our little babies'

Shawn Johnson is not here for Instagram trolls.

The gold medalist spent the past week enjoying the Florida sunshine with husband Andrew East and their daughter Drew, regularly sharing footage of the Miami Beach vacation to her 2.6 million Instagram followers.

In between videos that show what it's like to vacation with a 3-month-old, Johnson also made sure to remind her fans to keep their criticism to a minimum.

A video shared by the 28-year-old generated some heat when followers commented on Johnson's "rough handling" of her baby.

"She isn't a toy and her head isn't secure... this is the second time you have been careless," wrote one follower.

"While she may have been perfectly safe, sometimes you are a bit rough handling such a young baby, and not making her warm enough when you take her out. She needs at least socks if not shoes, as well, and hats," added another.

The gymnast clapped back, writing: "Were you holding her? Have you physically felt her sweat when she wears socks? Or felt her strength when she stands? Or seen her fuss until she stands up because she hates laying down? Nope. You haven’t. I’m her mama. I know.”

Johnson even took the caption of the video to issue some words of precaution to mom-shamers, saying "she was PERFECTLY safe... so don’t even haha."

The Olympian's fans quickly rallied to the new mom's defense.

"If anyone can keep her safe while flipping it’s one of the greatest gymnasts of all time..." joked one follower. Another wrote: "Baffles me that any person would assume that you would ever [put] your baby in any sort of harm."

Johnson later took to her Instagram stories to ask her followers to stop "making mamas feel like crap."

“Those [comments] are not good, not nice or worth the effort. … All of us mamas are doing the best that we can. We’re trying, we’re crying, we’re pushing our way through it, so you guys should celebrate all of the mamas out there."

She added, "If you have advice, try to say it in a very kind way because, let’s be real, none of us know what in the heck we’re doing and we’re all just trying to figure it out. Be kind. … Stop picking on our little babies, OK?”