Adriana Lima starts her mornings just like the rest of us

Adriana Lima's morning routine is surprisingly normal.

The former Victoria's Secret model recently stopped by In The Know to promote her upcoming collab with Privé Revaux, where she shared what her usual day looks like and, like most moms, it mostly revolves around her children.

Lima, 38, has two daughters: Valentina, 10, and Sienna, 7, who she lives with in Miami. Every morning, she gets up around 6 a.m., usually presses snooze once or twice and then, just like the rest of us, checks Instagram.

After a breakfast of gluten-free pancakes with a fruit-based syrup substitute, Lima gets her kids ready for the day, throws her stuff into a bag and drives them to school (always with her coffee in hand because, as she told ITK, she "cannot leave the house without coffee").

Lima then heads to her gym of choice, where she usually does boxing.

"I just fell in love with boxing. As a woman it really taught me the strength I could have," she explained. "To me, it's really the most incredible form of cardio and it works your whole body."

Adriana Lima's collection with Privé Revaux will be available on Friday, February 14 right here.