Elon Musk shocks the internet with surprise song: 'I wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals!'


A lot of terms might come to mind when someone says the name Elon Musk — engineer, entrepreneur, celebrity boyfriend, prospective space traveler, etc. But the 48-year-old just reminded the internet of another role in his multi-hyphenate reputation.

That role? Electronic musician.

The Tesla and SpaceX founder shared a link to his Twitter account early Friday morning, revealing he had recorded a song — it’s called "Don’t Doubt ur Vibe."

Musk, who is perhaps not known for his music production skills but is generally well-known for his eccentric behavior, told fans he “wrote and performed all the vocals” himself.

The tech magnate shared a number of photos of himself in the studio, presumably from his time making the four-minute dance track. He even changed his Twitter name to "E 'D' M" — a combination of his initials and the electronic music genre, EDM.

"Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” is a follow-up to the first single Musk released, called “RIP Harambe." That track, which paid homage to the famous Cincinnati Zoo gorilla who died in 2016 after a child climbed into his enclosure, was met with both confusion and intrigue at the time.

Musk’s latest song has been met with a similarly mixed response. Some fans seemed to unironically enjoy the tune, complimenting the businessman on his “good vibes.”

“Elon with the slapper,” one user tweeted.

You know, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be," another added.

Some, however, were far more critical. Many seemed to be taking subtle jabs at Musk’s decision to record music, while others just flat-out insulted it.

"Guys pls support this young aspiring artist," one user wrote.

“Go home Elon you’re drunk,” another said.

It’s unclear what inspired the track, but does have a strong connection to the music recording world. He has been dating singer Grimes since 2018, and it’s possible — though unconfirmed — that the two may be having a child together.

One thing is for sure though: People are listening. Within the first 12 hours of its release, the track had received nearly 1 million plays on Soundcloud. That may not be too surprising either, considering Musk has 31 million followers on Twitter alone.