Missy Elliott and H.E.R rework a Rolling Stones classic for Pepsi's Super Bowl commercial (Exclusive)

Missy Elliott and H.E.R joining forces with Pepsi for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

The 30-second slot, debuting on Sunday, Feb. 2, will show off the bold new look of Pepsi's Zero Sugar matte black can. Reworking the Rolling Stones' iconic 1966 song "Paint It Black," Elliott and H.E.R collaborated for the first time ever for a fresh take on the classic rock song with updated lyrics, vocals and H.E.R's signature guitar.

"When I got on the call and found out that I had to flip a Rolling Stones’ song I was super excited because I love the Rolling Stones. I knew we would nail it because with my guitar, Timbaland’s drums, and Missy’s ability to bring the track to another world, I knew it was going to be all fun," H.E.R exclusively told In The Know. "I decided to do a Flamenco intro and I told Timbaland that the melody gives me “Get your freak on vibes”. We all put our heads together and brought all those elements to life."

H.E.R (born Gabriella Wilson) was nominated for five Grammy Awards this year, including Record and Album of The Year. The 22-year-old musician may be considered a newcomer, but Missy Elliott, 48, counts herself as a big fan.

"At the time I didn't know who I'd be doing [the commercial] with, but once they said H.E.R I was most definitely all the way in. I am a big fan of her music. A friend of mine put me onto H.E.R. I had never seen her before and I started to work out and drive listening to her music. I'd never knew what she looked like or what what she stood for. I just knew that her music was hot," Elliott told In The Know.

"I found her on Twitter because I googled her and I told her how she was going to blow up," she added.

Elliott has been in the industry for over two decades with five Grammy wins and multiple nominations under her belt. In 2015, the "Work It" singer surprised the crowd during Katy Perry's half-time Super Bowl performance, and by 7:00 a.m. the next day, she had eight titles on the iTunes top songs chart all which were over a decade old.

"By the time I got off the stage, I just felt like I was back in the years when those songs came out Like they had just dropped. People were like 'you're number one!' and I was like 'what?' All of them new generations were like 'what new song is that? That's hot!,'" Elliott told us laughing while recalling the moment.

While this is the first time the duo has musically worked together, we have a feeling it won't be their last.

"It was an honor and pleasure to work with Missy. She’s such an icon. I never imagined I’d be doing a commercial with her let alone a Super Bowl commercial." H.E.R said. "I learned so much for the time that we had in the studio. Hopefully we can work together outside of this."

Watch the full commercial below: