Christian Siriano has heart-to-heart with 'Project Runway' contestant (Exclusive)

One of the contestants on Project Runway receives has a so-called "come to Jesus" moment with mentor Christian Siriano on this week's episode of the Bravo design competition show.

When Christian comes to Vanessa's work station to check in on her during the challenge, he notices that the dress she's planning on making is eerily similar in construction to her past looks from previous challenges. While they've garnered her praise nearly every week, Christian tells Vanessa that she needs to change it up, worrying that the star-studded panel of judges will start to notice the overt trend in her work.

Their "real chat" results on Vanessa breaking down in tears and admitting that she puts too much pressure on herself, before ultimately agreeing with Christian and promising that she'll make aa garment that is different enough from her past designs.

As has became expected, fellow contestant, Sergio, offers his own opinions up on Vanessa's conundrum, as well.

Watch the exclusive clip at the top of the page and tune into the all-new episode of Project Runway on Bravo on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST.