Adam Devine attempts to define Gen-Z terms: 'I cannot wait to call people VSCO girls'


Comedian Adam Devine sat down with In The Know to put his Gen-Z knowledge to the test.

Devine was presented with a series of popular Gen-Z terminology and asked to define the word and use it in a sentence. The "Righteous Gemstones" actor didn't exactly "pass" the test, but his guesses were hilarious.

While he struggled to figure out what a "finsta" is, he definitely knew how to define a "snacc," because that's what "a lot of the ladies" call him.

In case you, too, are an "old millennial" (or just don't know these words), here's what all the words Devine attempted to define really mean:

Sending Me - "I’m screaming" or I can’t

Bet- For sure

Sksksksksk - The equivalent of hahahaha

Smol- Extremely small and incredibly cute

VSCO Girl - A really basic girl, derived from using VSCO to edit "basic" photos on Instagram

And I oop!- Used to express shock or embarrassment, caught off guard

Finsta- Fake Instagram specifically for your friends

Snacc- An attractive person that looks so good you want to eat them

E-Girl/E-Boy- Referring to the subculture on TikTok. Gen-Z's version of emo.

Slaps- A positive term used for something cool

I’m baby- Innocent, cute, gentle or adorable. Used to prove one’s innocence

See just how well the comedian was able to define these terms in the video above.