Starbucks employee goes viral for uncanny resemblance to singer: 'We're listening to your song'


A Starbucks employee who bears a shocking resemblance to Harry Styles is taking the internet by storm after one customer recorded an encounter with the singer-songwriter's doppelgänger.

TikTok user Frida S. shared footage of herself and a group of friends talking to the mystery employee at an undisclosed Starbucks drive-thru location.

"Are you Harry Styles?" one passenger asks.

"You look like Harry Styles," another asserts.

"We're literally listening to your song right now!" one passenger chimes in, as the employee, whose nametag actually reads "Sean," smiles a shy grin and hands a beverage into the car.

Although the car-full of "Fine Line" fans never got a straight answer from the barista, they apparently remain convinced it was Styles working at the popular coffee chain.

"you cannot tell me that’s not harry styles," Frida captioned her video, which has since been viewed over 284K times and racked up more than 2,000 comments on TikTok alone.

The video was later shared on Twitter, where users were also quick to note that the brunette, man-bunned Starbucks employee bore a shocking resemblance to Styles.

Credit: Twitter/AP

Some users, however, are convinced the employee looked more like a mix of the former One Direction star and actors Dylan O'Brien and Charlie Heaton.

Still, it seems the doppelgänger might want to watch his back — some eager fans apparently plan to be on the lookout for him, with one user writing, "Where is this Starbucks located I would like to locate this Starbucks so if you could please drop the location I will locate it.", Sean.