Internet goes wild over photo of George Lucas and Baby Yoda: ‘This picture says a thousand words’

There’s nothing quite like the love between a grandfather and his grandchild — especially if that child is a tiny green alien and his grandpa created an entire fictional galaxy.

That’s the sort of emotion "Star Wars" fans were treated to Thursday night, when a photo of George Lucas (the franchise’s creator) and Baby Yoda (its latest and perhaps most popular character) surfaced on Twitter.

The image was shared by John Favreau, who, as the filmmaker behind Disney Plus' hit show, "The Mandalorian," is in many ways responsible for Baby Yoda’s next-level fame. Either way, the photo instantly went viral — it’s been liked nearly 600,000 times in less than 24 hours.

In it, Lucas is seen holding the puppet version of the beloved character, which reportedly cost around $5 million to create. The "Star Wars" creator even seems to be holding the 50-year-old infant like a real child, cradling it in his arms while staring down affectionately.

Favreau’s blurry image came without a caption, but the photo itself was more than enough for many fans. Twitter users immediately poured in their excitement in seeing the two figures together.

"This is truly amazing because he looks as if he was looking at his newborn child. This photo is legendary," one user wrote.

"This picture says a thousand words," another commented.

"This really feels like I’m witnessing something blessed, repaint the Sistine chapel with this image pls," yet another said.

And, considering Baby Yoda’s status as the internet’s favorite meme machine, Twitter users had plenty of jokes.

The heartwarming photo comes less than a month after the season finale of "The Mandalorian," as well as Disney’s announcement that fans will get a second season this coming fall. Pedro Pascal, who stars as the show’s titular bounty hunter, will reprise his role, although it’s unclear which other characters will be joining him.

That being said, there’s one viral green child that we know we’ll be seeing more of in the future. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to get your Baby Yoda merch fix while you wait for the second season.