Paris Hilton's 'chaotic' cooking show is the internet's latest obsession: 'Move over, Goop'

Paris Hilton recently dropped the first episode of her new YouTube cooking show, "Cooking With Paris," and the internet is absolutely obsessed with it.

The 38-year-old heiress, who dubs herself an "amazing cook" at the beginning of the 16-minute video, takes her subscribers through the process of making her homemade "infamous sliving lasagna." (For those who don't know, Paris recently coined the term "sliving" to serve as a combination of "slaying" and "living.)

Throughout the clip, which has nearly 1 million views less than a week after being posted, Paris, wearing a rainbow sweater, jeans and, confusingly, fingerless motorcycle gloves, makes a series of blunders that don't go unnoticed but manages to complete her famous dish.

When she forgets to buy pre-shredded cheese, she pushes through and begrudgingly grates it herself. When she puts too much olive oil at the bottom of her sauce pan, she uses a paper towel to wipe it all up. At one point, she puts salt in her meat sauce and spills it all over the stove. She then takes a wet paper towel and uses bottled water — instead of tap water — to clean it up.

"Get bottled water," Pars says as she goes to her refrigerator. "Who knows what's in these sewers? It's beyond."

After successfully steaming her lasagna noodles, mixing together her cheese concoction and putting together a meat sauce (the last of which doesn't include the onions and garlic she had intended to add), Paris layers her lasagna and puts it in the oven before her gorgeous homemade lasagna is ready to be served.

"I hope you guys enjoyed me little cooking show," she ends the video. "I'm going to be cooking more, so let me know what I should cook next."

To say that people enjoyed her latest YouTube video would be a gross understatement. In the days since Paris posted her first cooking segment, people have taken to Twitter to react to the viral clip, pulling out the most bizarre moments and calling the video everything from a "mess" to "chaotic" to a "must-watch."

Others have called attention to another one of Paris' iconic cooking moments from her old reality show, "The Simple Life," in which she once tried to cook bacon with an iron.

One vocal critic of Paris' video was millennial-favorite cookbook author, Alison Roman, who took to her Instagram story to criticize "Cooking With Paris."

"Not to be a d**k but plz don't steam your pasta for lasagna," she wrote at one point.

"If any one of you so much as pipes up and says I should be nice and not make fun of this you are being PLAYED bc Paris is queen of this sort of ruse and this is her new frontier and get ready for E! to pick this sh*t up ASAP and we will all watch," she went on. "But also holy f**k this is giving me so much anxiety."

Roman's followers loved the commentary, calling it "the best thing I've seen ALL DAY."

There's really only one thing to say at this point: That's hot.