Diplo plays 300 shows a year — here's his 'go-to' way to maintain energy


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As one of the hard-working men in the music industry, Diplo is very familiar to the feeling of being low on energy.

The in-demand DJ plays over 300 shows a year, seems to constantly on a plane and is always churning out new material with popular artists. So, how does he do it all? One of his secrets is Hustle, the energy drink made by MatchaBar, a leader in the matcha space that he's also an investor in.

"Other than yoga, meditation and a general plant based lifestyle, Hustle has been my go-to choice since it launched in 2018," Diplo told In The Know over email. "I can’t drink things with tons of sugar."

Hustle announced an all-new expansion and re-brand on Thursday, which includes new flavors of the canned plant-based energy drink, in addition to a new initiative to help offset MatchaBar's overall carbon footprint: For every can of Hustle sold, customers will be offsetting the equivalent of 35 water bottles.

Flavors being offered for Hustle are Lemon & Lime, Mint and Peach — which you can shop on MatchaBar's newly-relaunched website.

SHOP: Hustle by MatchaBar

(Credit: MatchaBar)

Shop MatchaBar's Hustle here and keep reading for our Q&A interview with Diplo, where he discusses why he's so passionate about the brand, how he's taking "small steps forward" for his kids' future and how he's embracing his hustle in 2020:

It must be difficult to maintain energy with a schedule like yours that involves constant travel. Before Hustle came out, how were you able to keep up energy for your lifestyle?

Other than yoga, meditation and a general plant based lifestyle, Hustle has been my go-to choice since it launched in 2018. I can’t drink things with tons of sugar. Before that, I was already a big fan of Hustle Tea. I play 300 shows a year and matcha is the go-to when I need a kick.

For every can of Hustle that's sold, MatchaBar will be offsetting the carbon equivalent of 35 plastic water bottles. How important is it for you to use products and align with brands that are environmentally conscious? (And not just talking the walk, but walking the walk)

I’ve got two young kids and just like everyone else with a family, I’m trying my best to take small steps forward for their future. MatchaBar’s decision to put a carbon offset on each can and bottle of Hustle is a huge step forward and is hopefully reason enough for people to choose Hustle over other options in the energy space.

The mantra here is New Decade, New Hustle. How are you living by that in 2020 and beyond?

I’m non-stop this year, playing shows all over the world, focusing on my new house music record label Higher Ground and even putting out my first country album! The message is that Hustle is all about what makes you happy, and it’s important to spread positivity while you do it. I’m trying to live that truth to the fullest this year.

Why hasn’t the energy category switched to natural like so many other industries from dairy and oat/almond and other plant based alternatives?

For so long, energy drinks have played a major part in music and nightlife — and I think that is a big reason why they continue to be sold at music festivals and clubs I play all around the world. It’s going to take not only a great product, but a brand that is willing to get involved in the world of music, to make that change. I am stoked to see MatchaBar begin to throw their own events and start supporting the nightlife and music community to further the natural energy movement.