Meghan Markle's interaction with fan during old interview resurfaces: 'This is the kind of person she is'


A clip of Meghan Markle's kindhearted act for one of her biggest fans during a March 2016 taping of the BUILD Series in New York City is going viral once again, with many lauding the former "Suits" actress for her caring nature.

The nearly 4-year-old interview began receiving renewed attention on Jan. 12 when a user named Michelle shared a 54-second clip of Markle's appearance on Twitter.

While discussing social media with host Donna Freydkin, which Markle said she views as a "great way to connect with people," she calls out a fan of hers in the audience named Emily Sorrells, who was in high school at the time.

"I only know (Emily) through Twitter and I knew she was coming because I saw it on social media," Markle explains to the host. "She's going on a trip soon to Costa Rica to do some aid work because she said that my U.N. stuff inspired her."

"I wrote you a letter, I brought it!" Markle says holding up a small parcel, as the young fan looks on in utter disbelief.

The star then walks into the audience to give Emily the letter and the two share an embrace.

"dont forget meghan did this, this is the kind of person she is," Michelle captioned the heartwarming clip, an obvious retort to the negative press coverage Markle has received as a member of the royal family, particularly by British tabloids, which some blame for her and Prince Harry's shocking exit announcement last week.

The video has since racked up 7.5M views and over 415K likes.

The next day, Emily Sorrells herself took to TikTok with an explainer video about her relationship with Markle, calling her "genuinely the most inspiring human I’ve met" and slamming the "hate" against her as "garbage."

"I was one of her biggest fans and she noticed me from following her for a long time," Sorrells explained.

"There's actually a whole group of girls around the world that she was always really grateful for and posted about," she continued, sharing a handful of screenshots showing Markle's interactions with her and a few other users.

"Basically, she had an interview, I told her I was coming, and then she did this," Emily said before showing a clip of the pair's interaction at BUILD.

"I'm posting this because, although there's a lot of hate going around, I know (Markle) as the most genuine, passionate and caring human being who really had an impact on my life," she ended her video, which has now been viewed over 131K times on Twitter alone.

Meghan Markle was a women's advocate and a champion for equality long before she became the Duchess of Sussex.

In 2015, three years before she and Prince Harry tied the knot, Markle became the United Nations Women's Advocate for Women's Political Participation and Leadership, which saw her embark on a learning mission to Rwanda, where she met female parliamentarian leaders and visited a refugee camp in Gihembe.

That year, she also gave a speech on the importance of gender equality on International Women’s Day for U.N., where she declared she was "proud to be a woman and a feminist."

Watch Meghan Markle's full 2016 BUILD Series interview below:

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