'Supernatural' actor DJ Qualls comes out as gay during live comedy show

Actor DJ Qualls came out as gay Saturday night while on stage at a comedy show.

Qualls confirmed the news via Twitter shortly after he filmed The Jim Jeffries Show for Comedy Central:

"It is 11:20pm. I just came out on stage at a @jimjefferies show in San Diego," wrote the 41-year-old actor.

"Yep, I’m gay. Been gay this whole time. Tired of worrying about what people would think of me. Tired of worrying about what it would do to my career."

Qualls broke out onto the scene in 2000 with his role as Kyle Edwards in the comedy 'Road Trip'.and has since played roles in different television shows like The New Guy and Hustle & Flow as well as making cameos in the music videos for 'Boys' by Britney Spears and 'I'm Just a Kid' by Simple Plan.

He currently plays the fan-favorite Garth Fitzgerald IV on the CW's Supernatural.

Fans and friends across Twitter poured in with words of support, encouragement and praise for the actor:

"Proud of you, my friend. love you, man," said fellow actor Adam Rose.

'Supernatural' co-star, Samantha Smith, tweeted "Congratulations, DJ" alongside a heart emoji.