Shaq makes unexpected reveal about dating life while giving advice for 2020: 'I can't answer that question'

Shaquille O'Neal knows a thing or two about success, so he's sharing his wealth of knowledge to help everyone kick off the new decade with a bang.

The NBA legend recently stopped by In The Know, where he leaned into his role as a so-called "Resolution Coach" for Krispy Kreme and shared some insight into how he spends his fortune.

"I was always taught it's not about how much you make, it's about how much you keep," Shaq told In The Know. "My two favorite stars are J.C. Penny and Walmart because I can ball out on a budget. The only problem I have is when I go shopping, I go crazy. I'll take a month or two off, and then I'll go back and go crazy again and the credit card companies don't believe it's me. It's like, 'You haven't been doing stuff for three months and now you want to spend 30 grand?' So, a lot of time my credit card gets declined, and I have to call them."

When it came to kickstarting his dating life in 2020, the former Los Angeles Lakers player revealed that he actually hasn't had much success lately because his fame tends to get in the way.

"How do you find the one? I don't use Instagram or any of the dating sites because people don't believe it's me. So, I can't answer that question. I wish I knew," he revealed before admitting that being Shaq can also occasionally come in handy. "I used to be Shaqanova a long time ago but not anymore. For me, people always say, 'You're running game.' And my response is, 'When you have name, you don't need game.' Sounds pretty good, right?"

As for how one should approach watching what they eat in the new year, the regimented former athlete shared that he's actually a big advocate for cheating a little bit — after all, what's the harm in letting oneself live a little and have something sweet every so often?

"This is my advice to you — cheat!" he declared. "And I have an item that can help you cheat very well — the Krispy Kreme Minis."

The doughnut giant's newest menu item rolled out earlier this month and feature four miniature versions of the brand's most popular doughnut flavors. The best part? They're under 100 calories!

"If you don't cheat all the way, do you even really cheat?" Shaq asked.

For more New Year's advice from Shaquille O'Neal, check out the In The Know video at the top of the page.