Adam Sandler gets choked up addressing longtime friend Drew Barrymore during emotional speech

30 years after Adam Sandler's goofy brand of comedy landed him a spot on "Saturday Night Live," the star just took home his first legitimate acting award — and although he played it cool, one of his early co-stars briefly got the better of his emotions.

Drew Barrymore, who first co-starred alongside Sandler in the 1998 romantic comedy "The Wedding Singer," was on hand at the National Board of Review to present the award for Best Actor to Sandler for his starring role in "Uncut Gems." The longtime friends also worked together on "50 First Dates" (2004) and "Blended" (2014).

Sandler, who beat out the likes of Robert DeNiro and Joaquin Phoenix for the award, high-fived Barrymore as he made his way up to the podium. "That was so sweet, God damn it," he said to Barrymore. "Drew, that was amazing. I love you."

He then appeared to get a bit choked up, adding, "I'm glad we met, and I'm glad we always make our movies together, and I love you, buddy. And I love your kids, and I love everything about you."

The "Saturday Night Live" actor grew even more choked up later in his speech while recalling the films he used to watch with his father, who died in 2003. After reading the script for "Uncut Gems," he read and thought, "This is gonna be a movie that my dad would like."

During a lighter moment, Sandler referenced the "3 million to 1 odds that Vegas was offering" on his win, quipping, "I know DeNiro's nervous around me now. Bobby, you've done some good s--t, but you know, Sandler's here now."

He's joking, but it's true: DeNiro and Sandler are both considered top contenders for the Academy Award for Best Actor. This year's Oscar nominations will be announced on Jan. 22.