Report: No royals were 'consulted' before Harry, Meghan made their big announcement

It's been a big day for the royal family, but it seems like things might be getting complicated.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that they were stepping down as "senior" members of the royal family and will be splitting their time between the United Kingdom and North America. As they move toward financial independence, the couple clarified that they will continue supporting Queen Elizabeth, the Commonwealth and patronages in their new chapter.

However, according to BBC News' royal correspondent Jonny Dymond, Meghan and Harry's decision to step away from royal life was not made aware to other members of the royal family.

"BBC Understands that no other member of the Royal Family was consulted before Harry and Meghan issued their personal statement tonight," Dymond tweeted, adding that "the Palace is understood to be ‘disappointed’".

The senior royals are reportedly "hurt" by the announcement.

"I think it indicates a real strength of feeling in the palace tonight — maybe not so much about what has been done but about how it has been done - and the lack of consultation I think will sting," Dymond told the BBC. "This is clearly a major rift between Harry and Meghan on one part, and the rest of the Royal Family on the other."

In response to the news, Buckingham Palace released a statement saying discussions with the duke and duchess were "at an early stage."

"We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through," the palace said.