Ryan Seacrest takes terrifying tumble on live TV -- Watch Kelly's reaction!

There's never a dull moment on the set of 'Live With Kelly And Ryan,' whether its on air or off-camera.

One of the best parts of the pair's dynamic is their abilities to laugh at themselves and each other, all in good fun.

Seacrest took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to post a hilarious clip from the show where he takes quite the tumble.

The clip shows Seacrest trying to catch the falling balloons from above before subsequently falling backwards over his chair while Ripa is speaking mid-segment.

Upon the chair falling over, Ripa turned around, exclaiming "Oh my God! Are you okay?"

Seacrest excitedly stood up, balloon in hand as Ripa told the crowd "He's fine!" while the pair and the audience laughed through the mishap.

"First fumble of the new season," Seacrest joked as he captioned the video, "Hope I make the playoffs...."

Peek Seacrest's post of the full tumble below: