Remember when Tom Cruise took Nicole Kidman's sister to the 2000 Golden Globes? Here are the pics

It may be a new decade, but we're not quite ready to let the early 2000s die.

In preparation for the 77th Golden Globes on Sunday, we'd be remiss not to reflect on what the ceremony looked like exactly two decades ago. Yes, 2000 is 20 years in the past — and while so much of the world has changed, we can always rely on Hollywood for some consistency. Like Tom Cruise! Look at a picture of him from the '00 Globes and tell us he doesn't look exactly the same today. (Okay, the hair is less "boy band" as of late. But that's it.)

One difference, of course, is that at the time, Tom was married to Nicole Kidman. Nicole was absent from that year's awards show, so instead, Tom had the next best person on his arm: His sister-in-law, Antonia Kidman. Nicole's beautiful younger sis bears a resemblance to her sibling, but with her long brunette locks, there was no mistaking the two.

Speaking of brunettes, Gwyneth Paltrow was there looking nearly unrecognizable with dark brown hair. While most Globes attendees don dresses, Gwyneth instead wore a halter top and jeans. It was an odd style era.

See more throwback pics from the 2000 Globes in the gallery below.