Photos of Dr. Phil's $6 million house spark confusion online: 'Disturbing on many levels'


An arsenal of guns in the dining room. A statue of Mickey Mouse wearing boxing gloves. A staircase made of metal snakes.

These are just a few of the features found inside the extravagant Los Angeles mansion that TV host Dr. Phil McGraw purchased in 2007. The house, which is now listed for sale, is sparking a wave of confusion online, after the Los Angeles Times uncovered photos of its beyond-eccentric interior.

Although McGraw reportedly paid for the 6,170 square-foot home, CNN reports that it has long been owned and occupied by his son, Jordan — meaning the veteran talk show host is likely not to blame for its elaborate design.

Jordan McGraw, a 28-year-old pop musician who is currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers, is selling the Beverly Hills estate for $5.75 million. It's still unclear who will purchase the home, but in the meantime, social media users had plenty of thoughts about its decor.

"Somehow it makes sense that Dr. Phil’s house is like if hell had a Cheesecake Factory," one Twitter user wrote.

"This is inside Dr. Phil’s house, which is disturbing on many levels," another commented.

Some of the home's most perplexing decorations include the foyer, which features a dangling hammock seat and a painting of a bear with the word "F***" written across its chest. There's also the living room, where prospective buyers will find countless bear statues, skateboards and a pop-art drawing of Darth Vader wearing a suit.

"This is not what I imagined Dr. Phil’s house looking like?" another Twitter user wrote.

"The thread about dr. phil’s house did not include this trippy Victoriana parlor where the mad hatter serves you kombucha," one added, specifically targetting the living room.

Then there's the gun-filled dining room, which contains a wall holding at least a dozen weapons. However, a spokesperson for the "Dr. Phil" show told CNN that those decorations were actually part of an anti-gun art installation.

Confounding decorations aside, the two-story house has plenty of objectively attractive features. There are five bedrooms, a spacious backyard and even a pool featuring its own cabana.

"The interior has been dramatically remodeled and updated with eclectic finishes that can be kept or transformed into your own vision," the home listing states.