Seth Meyers says his winter facial hair is 'terrible,' but sir, we beg to differ

Seth Meyers will probably rediscover his razor before "Late Night" returns to air, but in case it's not too late: Seth, give the facial hair a fighting chance!

The typically clean-shaven comic is sporting a beard and mustache in a recent snapshot with his wife, Alexi. "Our New Years resolutions were cool hats and terrible beards and we are off to an incredible start," he quipped on Instagram Thursday.

Despite his scruff-related reservations, Meyers is all smiles in the sweet photo.

A handful of fans gave the aesthetic a thumbs-up: "I like the beard to be honest," one wrote, while another simply said, "Looking good!"

If Meyers were to — just for argument's sake — consider keeping the fuzz, he would be in good company. Fellow NBC host Jimmy Fallon has flirted with facial hair during occasional "Tonight Show" episodes, while Jimmy Kimmel fully committed to the look after hosting a week of shows in New York in 2015.

"I usually keep [the beard] for a couple of days because I know the people at ABC hate it. My natural inclination is to do whatever they don't want me to do," Kimmel told Vulture. "Plus my wife likes it, Halle Berry complimented it, and then it did make sense to have the beard for Brooklyn week."

In response to hearing that many fans find him sexier with facial hair, Kimmel responded, "I know. You know, it’s kind of insulting in a way: 'Now that there’s hair covering most of his face he seems to be attractive.'"

Meyers didn't mention whether or not his wife and kids are fans of the look, but consider this our official endorsement.