Coffee machine's utterly familiar brewing noise goes viral: 'Why is that the same pitch and everything'


One black coffee, stronger than yesterday, please.

A Twitter user named Sam recently shared footage of a DeLonghi-brand coffee machine that sounds suspiciously like the intro to pop icon Britney Spear's "Stronger" while it's brewing beverages.

"The coffee machine at my hotel sounds just like the intro to “stronger” by britney spears," she wrote in a now-viral tweet, which has since racked up over 8,000 retweets and more than 42,000 likes.

And really, the appliance does bear an eerie similarity to the blaring sound at the beginning of the song — listen to them played back to back:


This coffee machine sounds exactly like the intro to a Britney Spears song :open_mouth: #fyp#foryou#britneybich

♬ original sound - watchintheknow

And here it is again, in music video form (watch starting 0:16 seconds in):

Britney fans who appreciated the nostalgia blast quickly flocked to Sam's tweet to agree with her keen observation.

"Omg I can hear it now, makes me wanna listen to it," one person replied.

"Why is that the same pitch and everything," commented another.

Apparently, the similarity is nothing new — people have been tweeting about the phenomenon for over 10 years, as BuzzFeed pointed out.

Whether it's an old or new phenomenon, one thing's for sure — the queen has certainly not lost her relevance as we enter a brand new decade. It's Britney Espresso, b***h.