Original 'Last Man Standing' cast member phasing out of the show: 'She hasn't been back, unfortunately'

Original 'Last Man Standing' cast member phasing out of the show: 'She hasn't been back, unfortunately'

Kaitlyn Dever's role on "Last Man Standing" will continue to dwindle, according to the show's executive producer.

Dever plays Tim Allen's youngest daughter on the fan-favorite sitcom, which aired on ABC for six seasons and was picked up by Fox after its cancelation. Although she was a series staple during its initial run, she was noticeably absent in season 7, appearing in just seven out of 22 episodes — and that number will be even smaller for season 8: She's currently slated for just one episode, the season premiere.

"She hasn't been back, unfortunately, but everyone talks to her," Kevin Abbott, the show's executive producer, told TVLine, adding that he's actively trying to schedule her "even for just a couple of days."

Producers hope to snag Dever for "a few episodes each season because she's a part of our family, and she works really hard to do that."

Although "Last Man Standing" fans will be disappointed by the news, it's simply an indicator of how Dever's career has accelerated over the past few years. The 23-year-old received her first Golden Globe nomination earlier this year for Netflix's "Unbelievable," and her comedy "Booksmart" was one of the buzziest movies of 2019.

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“She’s a star, and we’ve always known that,” Abbott said. “She’s a phenomenal talent, and nobody deserves all of these accolades more than she does. She’s just so gifted and such a wonderful, genuine person. With that being said, yes, she is just crazy busy."

"Last Man Standing" has seen its share of hard-to-navigate casting issues: The show centers on a man (Allen), his wife and their three daughters, and all three of said daughters have proved difficult to keep. The role of oldest daughter Kristen was originally played by Alexandra Krosney; she was replaced by Amanda Fuller in season 2. Separately, actress Molly Ephraim played middle daughter Mandy for six full seasons before leaving the show; Molly McCook now plays the same role.

At the time of that re-casting, Abbott said producers "fully expected" backlash.

"It’s a little jarring then you grow to love her," he told EW of the sudden switch. "We hope the audience starts to feel the way we do."

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