John Boyega shuts down 'Rise of Skywalker' fan theory: 'No, Finn wasn't going to say ...'

If you think you know what Finn was going to say to Rey during "Rise of Skywalker," the Force is not strong with you.

Don't take our word for it: Take John Boyega's, and if that won't do it, take J.J. Abrams'. The Episode 9 actor and director have both separately revealed that a major fan theory about the film is dead wrong.

In the midst of all the action, as our heroes began to slip through a type of quicksand, Finn yelled that there was something he'd never told Rey. Not long later, he approached the subject again, but he was interrupted by Poe and immediately ended the line of conversation. Poe eventually asked Finn what, exactly, he'd planned to say to Rey, and Finn again declined to provide an answer.

The obvious assumption was, of course, that Finn wanted to tell Rey he's in love with her. Nope!

"No... Finn wasn't going to say I love you before sinking!" Boyega tweeted Monday.

As fans started to challenge him on his response, he tweeted a gif of a quote: "Oh, you guys are in for it."

Not convinced? Abrams also addressed the subject during a recent screening for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, reportedly telling the crowd exactly what Finn was holding close to his chest: He's Force-sensitive.

The reveal is notable given that Finn supposedly comes from a random family with no connection to the Jedi. Of course, that's what we were told about Rey, too, and "Rise of Skywalker" turned that idea on its head.

Is Finn biologically linked to a character we've already met? Or is his Force sensitivity a brand-new point of exploration? Hard to say, but it seems fair to assume that although the Skywalker saga has technically come to an end, there's a lot more to be derived from this trilogy.