Everyone's freaking out over this new video of the Olsen twins on Instagram

Everyone's freaking out over this new video of the Olsen twins on Instagram

The Olsen twins are rarely heard speaking in public settings these days so, when they do, it becomes an event.

The most recent example of this came on Wednesday, when former "Pretty Little Liars" actress Ashley Benson took to Instagram to share a video that Mary-Kate and Ashley had recorded especially for her in honor of her birthday.

"Dreams do come true," Benson captioned the video, which is a selfie video taken by Mary-Kate with Ashley standing behind her. In the clip, which already has over 3.5 million views, both are wearing big black coats and sunglasses.

"Happy birthday, Ashley!" the twins say in unison before Ashley continues the message: "I hope this year is the one of the best ones yet. We're sending you lots of love."

"Super magical and can't wait to meet you soon," Mary-Kate adds.

"Bye!" they add together, as Mary-Kate waves and Ashley blows a kiss.

It's unclear exactly who got the Olsens to record the surreal clip for Benson's birthday, but celebrities and fans alike flooded the comments section of the post to react to the unexpected birthday message.

"I am on the floor," Hailey Bieber wrote. "This is EVERYTHING."

"THE BIGGEST SUPERFAN OF ALL SUPERFANS," celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi reacted, while "Pretty Little Liars" creator Marlene King, who Benson is famously close with, wrote, "Oh my god. So happy for you."

"Riverdale" actress Camila Mendes and hairstylist Joseph Maine deemed the footage "iconic."

Indeed, Benson is a self-admitted super-fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, saying in an interview earlier this year that she has based her own personal style after the designers of The Row.

"I base my looks off the Olsen twins. I've been their biggest fan since I was born," she said. "Yeah, 100 percent [they are my style icons]. I follow at least 20 different Mary-Kate and Ashley accounts on Instagram, just for their fashion. I love it."

The Olsens weren't the only celebs who had a special birthday message for Ashley Benson this week, either. Her girlfriend, model Cara Delevingne, took to Instagram to pay tribute to the actress with a heartfelt message and a gallery post of images, including one of them kissing in a bathtub.

"Happy birthday @ashleybenson There is so much I could say but something I love and cherish most about us is that I don’t need to because YOU KNOW and that’s all that matters," she wrote. "It’s you and me which is my favourite. My safe place. You let me be silly, you let me be wild, you keep me free, secure and curious. I feel like I’ve known you my entire life and I am so proud of watching you grow into the woman that you always dreamt of being. I love you beyond words my sprinkles, choonchi, angel face, grumpy ass, sweet cheeks, never boring, buttmunch, Benson."

Benson reacted to the post with a comment of her own, writing, "Love you my choonchie pet. My best friend. My kween."

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