HGTV announces whether 'Property Brothers' will return for new seasons

"Property Brothers" will remain an HGTV staple, at least until 2022.

Discovery Inc. confirmed to Variety that Jonathan and Drew Scott, who arguably currently stand as HGTV's most recognizable personalities, have signed on for not only more "Property Brothers," but also several forms of spin-off content both for TV and digital.

The home renovation show debuted in 2011, and over the last seven years the Scott brothers have built a brand that extends well beyond the 30-minute episodes. Both boast nearly 2 million devoted Instagram followers, and their personal lives — like Jonathan's budding relationship with actress Zooey Deschanel — have added to the intrigue.

As part of the renewed deal, the Canadian duo will develop more related projects, including a new as-yet-undisclosed TV series. That content will join the HGTV lineup alongside "Property Brothers: Forever Home," which premiered earlier this year, and the (semi)-competitive "Brother vs. Brother." Other plans include a podcast hosted by Drew and his wife and a new magazine titled Reveal.

The twins, both 41, are seemingly taking some cues from Chip and Joanna Gaines, who similarly became household names thanks to HGTV: After "Fixer Upper" became a hit, the couple massively expanded their Magnolia brand to reach well beyond cable TV screens.

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