Whoopi Goldberg shuts down Meghan McCain during explosive argument on 'The View': 'Please stop talking!'

Whoopi Goldberg shuts down Meghan McCain during explosive argument on 'The View': 'Please stop talking!'

Things got extremely heated on Monday morning's episode of "The View."

While discussing the possible impeachment of President Trump, Sunny Hostin was in the middle of delivering a point when her co-host Meghan McCain cut in to respond before both Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg interrupted her.

"Let me finish. I let you talk, let me finish," McCain said.

Goldberg then tried to refocus the conversation by announcing, "here's what's happening now," but McCain kept talking, attempting to make her point. It was then that Goldberg became fed up.

"Girl, please stop talking! Please stop talking right now. 'Cause, you know what? What's happening..." she said.

"No problem," McCain responded, before Goldberg said, "Thank you. Thank you."

"I won't talk the rest of the show," McCain conceded. "No problem."

"I'm okay with that," Goldberg shot back. "I'm okay with that. If you're going to behave like this..."

"I'm not behaving like anything," McCain retorted. "I'm trying to show a conservative perspective."

The exchange continued on until Goldberg abruptly cut to commercial: "We're not going anything. How about this? Former FBI... We'll be right back!"

McCain then made had audible reaction to Goldberg shutting the conversation down.

As footage of Goldberg and McCain's war of words started to make its rounds on social media by midday Monday, people appeared to generally side with Goldberg on the matter.

"It’s about time Whoopi said that to Meghan!!!" someone commented on a post of the clip, while someone else wrote, "This is.... I mean my heart is so full."

"Why don’t they just get rid of Meghan? She was so rude and disrespectful," another viewer tweeted. "Whenever Sunny makes an excellent point, she throws unnecessary tantrums for no reason."

Meanwhile, following the show, the daughter of the late John McCain appeared to vaguely respond to the blowup on Monday's show on Twitter, doubling down on her conservative viewpoint and pointing out that "half the country" needs to be represented on the daytime talk show if they're expected to engage in fruitful, productive debates that address both sides of the aisle.

"Pretending half the country doesn't exist won't make them disappear," she tweeted. "The culture war is real, and Americans who aren't part of the overwhelmingly anti-conservative media deserve to have their views represented."