Courteney Cox says she 'can see' resemblance to Caitlyn Jenner in side-by-side photo

Courteney Cox already has a mini-me in teenage daughter Coco, but she was "surprised" to recently realize she has another lookalike out in Hollywood: Caitlyn Jenner.

Earlier this week, comedian David Spade posted a selfie with the "Friends" actress, prompting an onslaught of responses from dozens of fans who said they mistook Cox for Jenner. "Totally thought Courteney was Caitlyn Jenner," one wrote as others echoed the sentiment.

Cox does look slightly different in the photo, likely due to the large-framed glasses and camera angle.

Initially taken aback by the comparison, Cox re-posted the photo on her own account — along with screenshots of people pointing out her resemblance to Jenner, despite a 15-year age difference between the two. "David Spade posted this pic," she wrote. "Now I really didn't think I looked like myself but this was surprising..."

She then shared a side-by-side of her face next to Jenner's, conceding, "Alright...I can see it."

Also in the original selfie was "Bachelor" alum Nick Viall, who commented on Cox's photo, "I thought you looked great."

Jennifer Aniston added, "You're hilarious. Oh my GOD I love you."

Jenner, 70, went public with her transition from male to female in 2015. She's also been occasionally compared to supermodel Cindy Crawford, although neither has publicly responded to the subjective likeness.