Meghan McCain praises CNN's S.E. Cupp for defending her against body-shaming troll: 'She is gorgeous, inside and out'

Meghan McCain may have her fair share of critics, but the View co-host is short of supporters.

On Sunday, the 35-year-old took to Twitter to thank her “ride-or-die friend” S.E. Cupp — the CNN host and conservative pundit — for stepping up to “nuke a troll” who made a body-shaming comment at McCain’s expense.

“Find yourself a ride-or die-friend who will nuke a troll from space like [Cupp],” McCain tweeted.

According to a screenshot posted by McCain, an Instagram commenter asked Cupp if she weighed “more than Meghan McCain.” Rather than ignore the jab, Cupp put the person in their place.

“First, I love my body and you should know that you have ZERO impact on my self-respect,” Cupp shot back. “Second, I’m thrilled to be compared to Meghan, my best friend, in ANY way. She is gorgeous, inside and out.

“But third and most importantly, I’m sad for you ... this life you have, getting high off of criticizing women you don’t know ... must be so unfulfilling. Cutting us down doesn’t work anymore ... we actually thrive on this s*** now! So thank you.”

Commenters appreciated the show of solidarity.

McCain herself recently addressed unsolicited comments about her body during an episode of The View last month.

“Can people please stop coming up to me on the street and telling me I look ‘less fat in person?’” she said, adding. “It’s nasty. It happens all the time. It’s so mean.”

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