Blake Shelton corrects Ellen DeGeneres in awkward exchange: 'But you didn't give it to me ...'

Blake Shelton corrects Ellen DeGeneres in awkward exchange: 'But you didn't give it to me ...'

Just weeks after Dakota Johnson pointedly corrected Ellen DeGeneres on her show, Blake Shelton followed suit in a slightly awkward exchange that aired this week.

A few minutes into Shelton's appearance "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," DeGeneres segued into the topic of his four-year relationship with Gwen Stefani: "Let's talk about Gwen," she said as Shelton chuckled. "Now, I gave you a clock. Remember that clock? To remind you that time is ticking."

DeGeneres was referring to Shelton's May 2019 appearance on the show, during which she gifted him a custom wall clock featuring a big close-up photo of the couple sharing a kiss. At the time, she explained that she'd recently given an identical gift to Jennifer Lopez, and "literally like a week later, [Alex Rodriguez] proposed to her," DeGeneres said, showcasing an image of J.Lo holding her clock before handing Shelton one of his own.

This time around, however, Shelton had counter-argument on deck: "But you didn't give it to me!" he replied. "I walked backstage and somebody back there was like, 'Hey, thanks for being on the show. Can I have that?' And they took it."

DeGeneres appeared caught off-guard: "Well, that's not right," she said before briefly addressing her staff. "We can't — why do we need it?"

"You took it back because whoever your next guest was, you replaced the picture and did the same crap to them and embarrassed them," Shelton said.

DeGeneres replied, "You know what, you're right, because we did that to Jennifer Lopez and now she's engaged!"

Shelton, possibly forgetting that he'd been shown Lopez's clock before receiving his own back in May, laughed and said, "You gave her my clock!"

"Uh-huh, and now she's engaged!" DeGeneres said.

Toward the end of the interview, Shelton brought up the topic again, joking of another item, "I won't take it back from you like you did the clock."

Again looking off-camera, a seemingly agitated DeGeneres asked, "Why don't we —" before saying to Shelton, "I don't know why you don't have it." She then added, "We spend money making it, we give it to him."

While moments of the exchange felt a bit strained, it was nowhere near the awkwardness of DeGeneres' terse conversation with Dakota Johnson in late November: The host asked Johnson why she hadn't been invited to her recent birthday party, prompting a candid reaction.

"Actually no, that’s not the truth, Ellen. You were invited," Johnson replied slowly. "Last time I was on the show last year, you gave me a bunch of s--t about not inviting you ... I didn't even know you liked me."

After DeGeneres pressed her on it — "Are you sure?" — Johnson firmly responded, "Ask everybody. Ask Jonathan, your producer."

Ironically enough, DeGeneres might have been better off going to the birthday party: It was the same October weekend she spent at a football game next to President George W. Bush, which quickly elicited major controversy.