'The Office' just released Michael Scott's full-length film online

"The Office" is back, sorta.

Eight years after the show initially introduced the amateur film in season seven, episode 17, 'Threat Level Midnight,' in its entirety, is now available on YouTube. The motion picture, written and directed by Michael Scott, was uploaded earlier this week after previously being available only as an extra on the season seven DVD -- and it's already trending on the streaming platform.

"After 11 years of preparation, Michael is ready to debut his action movie," the description states.

While fans of "The Office" may already be aware of certain elements of the movie, the newly-released action film is full of shocking and hilarious twists and turns.

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The film sees the show's main character Michael Scott reimagined as secret agent Michael Scarn who is dealing with the grief of losing his wife Catherine Zeta-Scarn after she was tragically killed at the WBNA All-Star Game. During his retirement, Scarn receives a special request from the President of the United States of America (Craig Robinson, Darryl) to help prevent the terrorist Goldenface (John Krasinski, Jim) from blowing up the NHL All-Star Game. Throughout Scarn's mission to save the world, he runs into quite a few familiar faces along the way.

Whether you enjoyed watching "The Office" during its run on NBC or not, you can watch the 25-minute production for free below. You can also stream every episode of "The Office" on Netflix until the show moves over to NBC's Peacock in 2021.