Serious 'resentment' still stands between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck after Thanksgiving fight: report

Jennifer Garner wants ex-husband Ben Affleck to be an active part of their kids' lives, but their relationship remains fraught, according to a new report.

An insider speaking to Us Weekly says that "resentment" has yet to fizzle between the former couple, in large part because Garner "doesn't always trust" that her ex is committed to sobriety.

"Jen puts up with a lot and has done everything she can to keep it together," the outlet reports. "She wants Ben to be in the kids' lives. That means dealing with things she isn't happy about."

The update comes three weeks after Garner and Affleck were spotted by paparazzi engaging in what appeared to be a tense disagreement the day after Thanksgiving. Although Garner is supportive of spending holidays together as a family, the driving wedge allegedly continues to be Affleck's alcohol problem.

"Jen’s major sticking point is that Ben needs to be sober — and truthful about it," the Us Weekly report continues. "There’s no wiggle room on that as far as his relationship with his kids goes. He’s trying to stay on track and be the best he can for them. But Jen doesn’t always trust him, and relapse is always a concern."

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While the difficulties may be relatively well-publicized, the exes try to shield their children from the internal strife as much as possible.

"Regardless of any disagreements, they try to put on a happy face for the kids and put their needs first," the insider notes. "There’s definitely a lot of resentment, but they’re a family first and foremost.”

Garner and Affleck wed in 2005 and finalized their divorce in 2018. They share three children.

Affleck has spoken publicly about his struggles with substance abuse. Earlier this year, he posted on Instagram that he is "in recovery" after photos emerged of him appearing drunk after a party.