Lizzo wore a revealing outfit to a Lakers game and Twitter is arguing about it

Lizzo went to the Lakers' game on Sunday night, and a video of the "Truth Hurts" singer twerking courtside in her revealing outfit sparked divisive reactions on Twitter.

During a break in the game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, in which the Lakers took on the Timberwolves, the Laker Girls performed a dance routine to Lizzo's hit single, "Juice," and she got up and danced from the side of the court as the crowd cheered her on.

The singer was wearing a black t-shirt dress over fishnet stockings and, when she turned around to twerk for the cameras, she revealed that there was a hole cut out on her shirt that revealed the black thong that she wore underneath.

After footage of the moment started to make the rounds online the day after her Lakers outing, users on Twitter were quick to share their divided opinions on what she was wearing, with some calling the outfit and her dancing "indecent" for a professional basketball game where people of all ages, including children, were in attendance.

Meanwhile others said that viewers would've been fine with the outfit if it had been worn by someone else, calling criticism of Lizzo's ensemble "fat-shaming."

Others pointed out past examples of other people being scantily-clad at professional sporting events that didn't incite national outcry on social media as proof that some people have a problem with Lizzo's size.

"Let’s be honest with ourselves: Professional cheerleaders are typically half-dressed and performing dance routines at professional sporting events," someone wrote. "It has never been cause for national panic. We see Lizzo’s outfit and behavior as 'indecent' because of the body she exists in."

Others simply didn't like Lizzo's outfit, but reminded people that celebrities often take big risks with their fashion choices, and this is simply an example of Lizzo pushing the envelope with what she's wearing.

Another person pointed out that one could simultaneously have a problem with the outfit that the "Good As Hell" singer wore to a televised sporting event, while also admitting that there are double standards around clothing that society deems acceptable on men and women.

The debate around her outfit made Lizzo the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. What did you think of the outfit that she wore to the Lakers game?