Hugh Grant's 1995 mug shot is lighting up Twitter nearly 30 years after he was arrested with a prostitute

Hugh Grant has a message for his critics: Have at it.

As the British parliamentary elections unfold, the actor's political activism has made him a recent social media target. Grant, in turn, figured he'd do some of the heavy lifting for them — by posting not only his own 1995 mugshot, but also that of the prostitute with whom he was infamously caught.

"To my dear trolls. Hope this is helpful," Grant tweeted. "Now you have more time to spend with mummy."

It was nearly 30 years ago that Grant solicited oral sex services from a woman named Divine Brown in Los Angeles. The two were arrested for lewd conduct in Grant's car. Police say they noticed the behavior because Grant was repeatedly pressing the brake pedal with his foot, so his brake lights were flashing erratically.

Brown, whose real name is Estella Marie Thompson, later revealed she didn't know Grant was a celebrity the day of their encounter. By carefully leveraging the unexpected publicity from the incident, she was able to make enough money to leave sex work in her past and pay for her children to get better schooling.

"Everything worked out for the better," she said in a 2007 interview. "It helped me turn it into something positive ... I was blessed that it could get me out of that lifestyle."

At the time of the arrest, Grant was in a long-term relationship with Elizabeth Hurley. The two continued to date for another five years before ultimately ending their 13-year romance.

Grant, 59, has spent recent weeks campaigning with a roundup of candidates from various parties. He strongly opposes Brexit and says he's deeply concerned about the possibility of a Conservative majority. Earlier this month, he went door-to-door in the UK with Liberal Democrat Luciana Berger, and he's also shown up for Labour candidates.

"Unseat a Tory. Don't waste a vote," he tweeted on Dec. 4. "Vote. UK emergency."

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